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YOVANNI is a recording artist hitting the music scene with a larger-than-life stage presence, a strong set of pipes and a style that can both woo an audience and lift them out of their seats in excitement. With his Pop Rock and urban electronic dance style, YOVANNI has wowed audiences in the US and Europe with a new fusion of music that is sure to inspire listeners across the globe.

In the fall of 1990, YOVANNI auditioned and got accepted into the New World School of the Arts, a prestigious performing arts high school and college in the heart of downtown Miami.
YOVANNI began his 1st year by actively getting involved in stage, film and TV commercials while secretly admiring the musicians that he would sing to in his bedroom.
One day, while in the school’s bathroom, a vocal instructor overheard him singing acapella to a song from the schools production of “A Chorus Line”. So impressed with his raw talent, she encouraged YOVANNI to transfer to the music theater department. YOVANNI was immediately accepted into the musical theater program and began his journey into the world of music and entertainment.



Agency Trigga Entertainment

Phone 786-320-4111

Email yovannimedel@gmail.com


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