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Tony Choy, born in 1971 is a Cuban born artist with black Chinese Arab descendants born in the island of Havana Cuba. He started his artist career as a painter which is his first love.  At the age of 14 Tony discovered rock music which he led him to trade his brushes for a bass guitar. As he grew up Tony became a professional  Bass guitarist and was adored by millions of rock fans worldwide for his dynamic presence and signature style of playing.

At the early age of 16 years old, Tony recorded his first album with extreme-progressive metal bands “Atheist”, “Cynic” and the “Dutch Metal Masters of Holland” by the name of “Pestilence”. During his first recording sessions, Tony developed a new genre of music which today is known as “Progressive Metal”.

Tony was fortunate to travel all over Europe in the early 1990’s and got respect as one of the best Bass Player worldwide, topping the charts with top players like Jason Newstead from Metallica and Tom Araya from Slayer.  At the age of 24, Tony started touring on crewships with top 40 bands and musicians.  As he went along with his musical career, he shifted into his Spanish and Latin roots which gave him the oppurtunity to land his first gig with his own rendition of his first Latin band “Code 305” which later went to become “Latin American Band” signed by BMG US / Latin RCA records.

Tony got manage by the powerhouse manager and founder of “RNR” radio and records publication Bob Wilson and the creator of star search Mr. Sam riddle himself.   Tony has been a part of the Latin music industry for many years where he made a big imprint in the Latin market. Later, Tony went on to be discovered by DJ Artist “Cedric Gervais” where they made their first number one hit together titled “Burning” for Ultra Records which later on led him to become a top House and Electronic music percussionist.

In the early years of 2004, Tony returned to the Latin industry with the new new rendition of “Area 305” produced and directed by Rudy Perez where Tony recieved a Grammy nomination and several number one hits on Billboard.

Today, Tony serves as one of the top music producers in the entertainment industry. Recording for indie and major artist of all genres.  He has developed his company TCM Entertainment where he now mentors and produces many young talents. Tony has gained repect as an incredible organizer and delegator in the music business ready to bring top notch music productions to the world and beyond.




Tony Choy welcomes you to his series on music business and production. In this first interview segment Tony Choy explains the basic fundamentals that are needed for a good studio experience.


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