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Music Production Services

Welcome to the music production services page. The following information will break down the basic services offered by music-production-guide.com. You can select any of the links below for more detailed information.

Please note that no charges will be made when filling out the Music Production Services Form below. Once all of the specific details are provided a final rate will be determined and approved of by you before an invoice is submitted for payment.

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Available Services

Music-production-guide.com currently offers 4 basic services. They can be used individually or combined together for a discount rate. Below is a brief description and price structure for each service and links for a more detailed information.

1. Audio Mixing Services

Audio Mixing Services are provided for most styles of music. Rates are based on the number of songs to be mixed and the number of audio tracks per song.


# of Songs Number of Audio Tracks and Cost Per Song
1-24 25-48 49 Plus
1-3 $ $ $
4-6 $ $ $
7 or More $ $ $

2. Music Mastering Services

Music Mastering Services are also provided and may be combined with mixing services for discounted rates.


  • Mastering for CD or Internet
  • ISRC code management



# of Songs Cost Per Song
1-3 $
4-6 $
7 or More $
Complete CD $

Mastering Includes:


  • ISRC codes
  • DDP file for CD duplication
  • 2 free mastering reference adjustments before the final master is burned.


3. Audio Consulting Services

Audio Consulting Services are provided to help with the following music production needs:


  • Music Production Consulting: Professional advice for Songwriting, Arranging, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
  • Home Studio Design: Get advice that will give you a professional sound in your home studio.
  • Equipment Recommendations: Get professional advice for equipment and software purchases.




  • Free 15 minute initial phone consultation.
  • All subsequent services are $150 per hour.
  • Whole project rates are negotiable.


4. Music Production Lessons & Career Development

One on one instruction, tips and lessons for:


  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Software Instruction
  • Career Planning
  • Any music production subject you want to learn more about.


Rate: $150 per hour

Please click on any of the links below for detailed information about the individual services and how they are set up and completed. The Music Production Services Form below is also provided in the detailed information for each service provided by the links.

1. Audio Mixing Services
2. Music Mastering Services
3. Audio Consulting Services
4. Music Production Lessons & Career Development

Any of the above services may be combined for an added discount.


  • Any 2 basic services combined for a 20% discount (ex: Mixing and Mastering)
  • Any 3 basic services combined for a 30% discount (ex: Music Production Consultation, Mixing and Mastering)


Please fill out the Music Production Services Form below to inquire about services or get a quote.

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